Help Wanted


Currently all employment is by contingency contract based on speculative payment against future revenues. We are an entirely self-funded team and must create the revenue to pay ourselves. If you can take that risk and you think you could make a difference in us reaching that goal then please, contact us. To learn more about positions available, click on the titles below. If you fit the description, you will be joining a team that is bringing a new vision to how online games can be developed for the Internet.

Imperial Wars server software is written in Java. The major tasks will be to make some adjutments to the Universe creation tool. Following that is 'hardening" the software to prevent accidental errors and adding design features, especially in the social, or as we refer to it, the meta-layer.


Imperial Wars needs a new browser-based client. This is a complete re-write of the current client. Depending upon the timing, we would like it to be client 2.0.

Imperial Wars was designed with a "meta-layer" function that goes beyond current social gaming but employs some of the same methodology. We'd like a talented and inventive mind that can find the way to take the Imperial Wars vision into the future of interactive online gaming.

Animation in the browser client wil require a strong background with 2D and 3D animation for various parts of the game levels. You'll be working closely with the Client Broswer programmer.

At the heart of Imperial Wars is a database that does all of the heavy lifting. There are some tasks involving moving to another database system and some immediate tasks working with the lead Java programmer on the Universe creation tool. Database indexing and improved efficiency as well as a seat on the next level of database expansion are part of the task list.

Imperial Wars has had a very vibrant and active community in the past. We want to revive it. It is a rich and intelligent game and players easily fall into 'story' mode as they play their characters. We need an inventive and intelligent CM who wants to guide the storytellers and help them connect with their community.